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 [[Lasercutter | Lasercutter]]\\ [[Lasercutter | Lasercutter]]\\
 [[Woodcraft | Woodcraft \ Painting]]\\ [[Woodcraft | Woodcraft \ Painting]]\\
-[[items_create_students_can_borrow | Items Create students can borrow / use]]\\+[[items_create_students_can_borrow | Items Create students can borrow]]\\ 
 +[[SmartXp Labstation | SmartXp Labstation (in test phase) ]]\\
 [[lost&found | Lost&Found]]\\ [[lost&found | Lost&Found]]\\
-[[course_sensors|Course Sensors (201000190)]]\\ 
 [[Lights| Lights]]\\ [[Lights| Lights]]\\
-[[test | test]]\\ 
 To draw circuit diagrams you could use [[|Fritzing]]\\ To draw circuit diagrams you could use [[|Fritzing]]\\
-**is Alfred in the SmartXp?** look at**is Alfred in the SmartXp?** look at\\ 
 +Alfred usually present at the SmartXp Monday to Friday 09:00 - 16:30 (except during the break)\\ 
 +[[ | Can I work in the SmartXp?]]  If not, you can still try 😉\\ 
 +[[|You can also use equipment in the HMI lab]]\\ 
 +[[| Interaction Lab WIKI]]\\
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