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 [[Air pressure sensor | Air pressure sensor]]\\ [[Air pressure sensor | Air pressure sensor]]\\
 [[Pulse sensor | Pulse sensor ]]\\ [[Pulse sensor | Pulse sensor ]]\\
 +[[PIR motion sensor \ PIR motion sensor]]\\
 \\ \\
-[[Gas pressure sensor | Gas pressure sensor]]\\ 
-[[Dissolved oxygen sensor | Dissolved oxygen sensor]]\\ 
-[[Pulse sensor | Heart rate sensor]]\\ 
-[[ECG/EMG sensor | ECG/EMG sensor]]\\ 
-[[Conductivity probe | Conductivity probe]]\\  
-[[Colorimeter | Colorimeter]]\\ 
-[[C02 gas sensor| CO2 gas sensor]]\\ 
-[[O2 gas sensor | O2 gas sensor]]\\ 
-[[Vernier BTA to pin header | Vernier BTA to pin header]]\\ 
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