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PIR motion sensor

HC-SR501 auto-senses light for various applications (in house, basement, outdoor, warehouse, garage, etc,) for ventilator control, alarm, etc.
Output goes high when objects enter the sensing range, and automatically returns to low when object leaves
Trigger mode jumper
L: Non-repeatable / delay mode: sensor goes low after the delay, regardless of the presence of the object.
H: Repeatable: sensor stays high as long as any object is detected during the delay time.

Voltage 4.8 V – 20 V
Current (idle) <50 µA
Logic output 3.3 V / 0 V
Delay time 0.3 s – 200 s, custom up to 10 min
Lock time 2.5 s (default)
Trigger repeat : L = disable , H = enable
Sensing range <120 °, within 7 m
Temperature – 15 ~ +70 °C
Dimension 32 x 24 mm

hc-sr501 manual

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