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In the SmartXp we have a Lasercutter for cutting and engraving materials mainly for Creative Technology students but also for others

You have to pay for materials

suitable materials:
Acrylic - max 10mm
PETG (Copolyester) - max 1mm
Birch Plywood - max 6mm
Poplar Plywood - max 10mm
Cardboard- max 4mm

plates for lasercutting at the SmartXp can be bought here

Poplarplate 4x300x600mm €2.00
Poplarplate 4x600x1000mm €7.00
Poplarplate 6x300x600mm €2.50
Poplarplate 6x600x600mm €5.10
Poplarplate 6x600x1000mm €10.00
Poplarplate 8x600x600mm €6.50
Poplarplate 8x600x1000mm €11.00
Poplarplate 10x600x1000mm €12.40

Gray cardboard 1,2x700x1000mm €1.03
Gray cardboard 1.75x700x1000mm €1.59
Gray cardboard 3x700x1000mm €3.05
Pelkarton 1.25x700x1000mm €1.66
Ivoorkarton 700x1000mm 200gram €0.32

PETG plates 1mm €0.0175/gram
example: PETG plate 620x200x1mm weighs 160gram

Acrylic plates €0.015 /gram
example: Acryl plate 300x100x5mm weighs 190gram

Payment only via your Proto Omnomcom-account, purchases entered by the Technician

Acrylic plates can also be bought at the TCO selfservice workshop
or at several places on the internet like perlaplast-kunststofshop

Not allowed materials:
Polystyrene, Polycarbonate, Delrin, PVC, MDF and Hardwood plywood
Be carefull when buying Acrylic plates in shops. Sometimes they sell you Polystyrene or Polycarbonate plates instead off Acrylic.

Other materials: please ask before buying anything.

Design rules:

  • Cuttinglines must be RGB red hairlines(vector). Hairline is a line with a thickness of less than 0,11 mm.
  • Engraving parts are greylevel lines/parts or bitmaps. Black is highest engraving power, white least.
  • Lines thinner as 0,11mm are considerd to be hairlines even if they are not red and will be cut.
  • fileformats: cdr, dxf, eps, pdf, ai.
  • Send your design by e-mail to .
  • Mention details like material and thicknes. You should also mention the size of at least one item to avoid conversion errors.
  • Maximum size 1000x600mm
  • The order in which items are cut is back to front. In Coreldraw: the items on the objectslist are cut from bottom to top. When cutting “nested” objects, the inner objects will be cut first
  • Avoid double cutlines!

A comprehensive guide for the lasercutting novice, witten by Philippe Tuinman

Want to make a box? You can use Boxdesigner. It will give you a pdf file which can be loaded in Coreldraw where you can add holes and engravings. Other options:
Creates boxes and more

Want to make a cardboard folding box? have a look at this site:

You could use Coreldraw on one of the SmartXp desktop systems or ask Alfred.

Ideas on connecting plates can be found at cnc-panel-joinery-notebook

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